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TF2Center Rules

You have been warned

Below are a set of rules we expect players to abide by whilst using TF2Center. This includes the website, servers, forums, IRC channels, and TF2Center related Steam pages/chats. In addition to these rules, we ask that you are complicit with TF2Center administrators and their requests. Should you fail to comply, you may be subject to sanction; however, you are free to appeal any sanctions on our forums here. Please further note that these rules are subject to change without any given notice, and furthermore that access to TF2Center services may be revoked at any given time without prior warning or reason.

These rules are general guideline for what is and isn't allowed whilst using this service. The staff reserves the right to impose punishments on individuals providing disruption to the service that aren't explicitly laid out in these rules.

1. Profile Rules

1.1 Offensive names

Names that are blank or that have potential to cause offense to other players, including but not limited to: general derogatory language, directed derogation, discrimination, sexual language, or are generally disrespectful.

1.2 Names to impersonate an administrator

Names that attempt to impersonate an administrator or moderator, including parts or their full name, even in parody.

1.3 Improper use of Staff Tag

Using an inappropriate variation or parody of the TF2Center tag "TF2C |", for example replacing letters with similar ASCII characters. If you wish to support TF2Center, please use the hashtag "".

1.4 Inappropriate avatar

Avatars that portray imagery or text that is generally derogatory, directly derogatory, discriminatory, sexual, or generally disrespectful.

1.5 Inappropriate personal content

Sprays, signatures or other publicly visible personal content that portray imagery or text that is generally derogatory, directly derogatory, discriminatory, sexual, or generally disrespectful.

1.6 General Impersonation

Logging in and playing with a name chosen to impersonate a regular player or otherwise using an impersonated name to defame a player's name or otherwise deceive the community.

1.7 Ban Evasion

Alternate accounts to evade a ban of any kind will result in a permanent ban from all TF2Center services.

1.8 Proxies/VPN

Use of services or software to obscure your actual IP will result in your TF2C account being suspended until your actual IP is visible to TF2C.

2. Chat Rules

2.1 Offensive Language

Language with the potential to cause offense to other players, including but not limited to: general derogatory language, directed derogation, discrimination, sexual language, or general disrespect towards other players.

2.2 Inappropriate advertising

Advertising unrelated services or competing services is not allowed. Links to affiliated sites such as UGC, ETF2L, ESEA, ozFortress, and other major community websites is acceptable.

2.3 Spamming

Sending the same message repeatedly to flood the chat, and may include the excessive use of nonsensical sentences or structures.

2.4 Language

In the main TF2C chat, English is the only language allowed to be used. English must be used for all Lobbies located in Europe, North America and Australia. For Lobbies located in a country with a language different to English (eg South America, Russia, Asia), usage of native languages will be allowed in its chat, game and Mumble.

2.5 Personal Attacks

Racism or bigotry of any kind which includes remarks that attack anyone's race, sex, religion, nationality, culture, or sexual orientation is strictly prohibited.

2.6 Trading

All kinds of the trading activities which include public trade requests in the chat and Mumble, trading announcements, trading spam are prohibited on TF2C.

2.7 Porn and morbid visual content

Porn links, morbid videos or images are strictly prohibited.

2.8 Arguing Bans

Arguing about a ban in main chat isn't allowed. Instead post an unban request on the forums.

2.9 Ban Rules exploitation

Attempting to find loopholes within the ban-list to try to exploit the reason for which you were banned is not acceptable. The Rules are here as guidelines and do not define every reason in which a player could be banned. If you have an issue with a ban, please use the Unban requests forum.

3. Hacking/Exploitation

3.1 Third party manipulation tools

Using or encouraging the use of third party tools to manipulate the game client, including but not limited to wall hacks, aim bots, anti-recoil utilities, or other multihack utilities designed to influence the client and play.

3.2 Exploitation of game client

Exploitation of the game client including excessive or abusive manipulation of interpolation ratios, ping registration, or texture modifications designed to be advantageous for the player.

3.3 Exploiting map glitches/defects

Abusing faults in the maps to get under/outside of the map, into another team's spawn, or to otherwise gain significant advantage in play. Please note there are additional areas that may be deemed 'exploitable' for Engineers, and are therefore out of bounds for building upon.

4. Destructive Behaviour

4.1 Idling inappropriately

Idling or not engaging in play on a server wherein it is inappropriate.

4.2 Ghosting/Spectator abuse

Using spectator positions - whether spectator team or upon-death-spectate - to gain an advantage or otherwise spoil a means of play, such as giving away another player's position making them vulnerable to attack.

4.3 Excessive Rage Quitting

It is expected of all players in a Lobby to play the Lobby to completion, if a player needs to leave the Lobby they are expected to report themselves.

4.4 Sedition towards TF2Center

Behaviour or actions that seek to undermine TF2Center as a whole, including maligning, dissuading players, misleading others with misinformation regarding TF2Center, encouraging rule violations or otherwise attacking or threatening to attack TF2Center services or TF2Center staff.

4.5 Inappropriate behaviour & offclassing

Wasting time in Lobbies, inappropriate offclassing, being antagonistic to other players is prohibited.
In offclassing-allowed  Lobbies, any player may offclass at any time. In no-offclassing allowed  Lobbies, only scouts and roamer defending or pushing the last point are allowed to offclass. This rule will be automatically enforced.

4.6 Microphone Spamming

Using the microphone to make non-communicative noises, including but not limited to the use of microphone pass-through tools to play music, nonsense noises, screaming, singing, or otherwise inappropriate use of the microphone.

5. Violation of Law

5.1 Suspect violation of law

Behaviours that are suspect of violating EU or UK law, including but not limited to serious cases of harassment, threats of violence, or actions that may denote pedophilia. TF2Center administrators are not litigators, but do our best to comply with the laws that govern the country our servers are hosted within.

5.2 Defaulted payments

Failure to adhere to good will with TF2Center when donating; donator rights are a gift in exchange for your contribution. Defaulting on the payment through chargebacks, closed accounts, reported accounts, or otherwise circumventing execution of the transfer of funds.

5.3 Stalking

Any identified activity consisting of the repeated following and harassing of another person can be considered in violation of law.

6. Play Guidelines

6.1 Rep Abuse

Players of all skill levels are welcome on TF2Center. Players can use the !rep tool only to remove AFK players and players displaying disruptive behaviour (see pt. 4 of the Rules). Prohibited reasons for !rep tool include:

  • Removing a player because you don't like that player's gameplay for some reason not listed in pt 4 of the Rules. This also includes offclassing.
  • Grouping up on a user and !repping because you do not personally like them.
  • Removing a player to "make room for a friend" via the sub request.
  • !rep a players because they "look too good to not be hacking". If you suspect player are being a hacker, save a demo and post ban request on a forum after the game.
  • Players exhibiting extreme off-classing and refusing to switch back to their assigned class.

Excessive abuse of "!rep" tool can be brought to a ban thread only if you have proof of the incident. Ban requests for "!rep" abuse cases without good descriptions and evidence (e.g. logs) will be rejected.

6.2 Cooldowns

If you are reported for substitution for any reason (even by yourself) you will face the following scaling penalties:

Cooldown (Join Lobby Ban):

  • Level 0: 30 mins
  • Level 1: 1 hour
  • Level 2: 2 hours
  • Level 3: 4 hours
  • Level 4: 1 day
  • Level 5: 2 days
  • Level 6+: 7 days

Note: the cooldown penalty will NOT be applied if you wait for your sub replacement to join. You can further reduce your cooldown level by taking sub spots and finishing every 3 Lobbies.

7. Lobby Creator Guidelines

7.1 Server Quality

Lobby servers must be fit for competitive play, and must be as lag-free as possible. They must have the appropriate whitelists installed, and must not have any gameplay altering mods loaded for the duration of the match.

7.2 RCON usage

Leaders should avoid using RCON, most commands needed are issued by TF2Center, and unruly players may be removed via !rep. RCON may be used only for the following:

  • changelevel: to set the map back to the one the Lobby was started on.
  • sv_password: to set the password back to the Lobby password (note: you may use the re-initialise Lobby button on the page to expedite this).

You may use rcon kicked/banned only if accompanied by a ban request on the forums. Misuse of this may be met with a ban.

7.3 Configuration issues

TF2Center automatically configures servers. Using your own modified config files is not permitted. In the case that we are unable to properly configure your game. Please make a bug report on the forums. Using your own modified configs to play with a different ruleset then selected can result in a ban.

7.4 CVAR modifications

Changing of gameplay modifying CVARs (sv_cheats, gravity) is not tolerated and will be met with lengthy Lobby creation bans. Disabling TF2Center's log listener will be met with a severe ban as we use this for moderation purposes.

7.5 Time requirements

For the duration of the Lobby the server you provide must be reserved for exclusive use by TF2Center. A Lobby may not be ended prematurely, and win conditions be met for the Lobby to end. This includes ending the Lobby via rcon to use the server for any other purpose.

8. Lobby Tools Usage

8.1 Use of Lobby kick/ban tools

The kick/ban tools are for use at the Lobby leaders discretion only. Lobby leaders are encouraged to be good hosts, respect other players and use these tools sparingly. Any abuse of these tools will be met with a lengthy ban. Some examples of Abuse of these tools includes things such as kicking all players who join, kicking players as an act of ill will, kicking players because you 'forgot to reserve' a slot, etc...
Contrary to this, it is acceptable for Lobby leaders to kick those players whom are constantly griefing them, or people they associate with.
In addition to abusing Lobby tools, excessively kicking/banning players is not allowed; as a general metric, indiscriminately kicking more than 5 players in one Lobby may be met with a ban.

8.2 Slot Reservation

If the Lobby is full, almost ready and there are still reserved slots unfilled, Lobby leaders are obliged to unlock them immediately.

8.3 Closing Lobbies

The close Lobby function is only permissible where there is an obvious issue with the Lobby and a majority of players are calling for closure. This does not include when your team is losing or you personally are not having a good time.
The TF2Center staff team has the right to close any Lobby at any time, typical reasons for this include but are not limited to: keeping the Lobby flow going, removing duplicates (badwater pro, rc, rainy, etc..)

8.4 Slot Requirements

Slot requirements must be intended for the general good of the Lobby. Intentional trolling with requirements (excessive Lobby or hour requirements) will result in a Lobby closer and/or a ban.

8.5 Use of external tools

Use of external tools, like browser plugins to gain an unfair advantage over other players is not allowed (example: auto-taking of slots). Reason: People are using a browser plugin to auto-grab the sniper slot before the Lobby even comes up (bad) and the script then breaks the site sometimes by constantly switching between both sniper slots (worse).