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Welcome to TF2Center's Hall of Fame. Here you can browse the global Advanced Lobbies rankings, or check up and see how your friends are doing.

Hall of Fame

Here they are - the glorified TF2C warriors

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What is the Hall of Fame?

The Hall of Fame is a global ranking of all Advanced Lobby players, and how many Credits they have earned.

  • Keep track of your rank, compared to all other AL users
  • See how you stack up against your friends on the leader board
  • Hover over the rank numbers to see the rise and fall of you, or your favorite players

How does it work?

After each Advanced Lobby everyone votes on three players who they believe were top contributors. Each vote received goes toward your global Hall of Fame ranking.

How do I gain more Credit?

Play more Advanced Lobbies! Be a good teammate and contribute to your team! Remember to vote after the match so you can receive Credit in turn!

How can I join ALs?

Advanced Lobbies will be available to everyone with a high enough league experience, as well as some hand selected players. Feel free to make a request here.