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God* bless you! Your donations will help us to fulfill our dreams of providing a top-quality competitive platform. With your support, we can make sure we have a sustainable project, and push on to make it even better!


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Why should I donate?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a donator! As a donator you help to keep this site running. By doing this, you:

  • Enable us to keep funding our dedicated TF2Center servers.
  • Allow us to further develop and maintain this website.
  • Gain special donator perks.

Your donations go towards the following things:

  • Paying for the hosting of the site, forums and mumble servers
  • Funding additional gameservers
  • Advertising, such as tournament prize funds

Donator perks

Besides improving your karma and that warm fuzzy feeling inside, every donator will gain these perks:

Payment procedure

We accept donations through PayPal. It is easy, safe, and widely available. Donator perks will only apply if you donate $5.00 or more. For each $5.00 donated, you receive 1 month of perks. Therefore, if you donate $10.00, you get 2 months of perks and so forth.

More info about recurring donations.

Can I donate TF2 items?

TF2 Items are no longer accepted as donations.

*Well, Gaben