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The history of TF2Center's updates


13 July

  • Landing page: Added "Skip Tutorial" button
  • Landing page: Updated bottom "Let's play" button
  • Navigation bar: Renamed "About" menu to "Help"
  • Navigation bar: Removed "new" label from "Freemium" button

12 July

  • Maps: Made scripts to make updates to the Map lists easier
  • Maps: Allow creation of maps with hypens (e.g. koth_proot_b6c-Alt2)
  • Maps: Made many attack/defense cp_ maps playable (e.g. cp_steel_xx)
  • Maps: Updated autocomplete to only display commonly played maps. Special thanks to JackyLegs.
  • Maps: Added 59 new map thumbnails
  • Rules: Added consequences for not proving demos when under cheating suspicion
  • FAQ page: Added Typo/Grammar fixes and community suggestions, special thanks to NICKOMODE999
  • FAQ page: Updated all links
  • FAQ page: Added Connect URL fallback hint
  • FAQ page: Added "retry" hint for missing items
  • FAQ page: Added rcon tips
  • FAQ page: Explained Mumble Usage
  • FAQ page: Better Explained site restrictions (Medic, Lobby Creation, 500 hours)
  • FAQ page: Added "What are spectators? Can I spectate a TF2Center game?"
  • FAQ page: Added "How do I create a new lobby" instructions for serveme
  • FAQ page: Added "When am I allowed to disconnect from the server?"
  • FAQ page: changed complete order of FAQ to make more sense for new players (General, Joining lobbies, Playing lobbies, Creating lobbies, Administrating, Technical issues)

16 June

  • Asked to change tf2c from hostnames to IPs to improve connecting
  • Rules: Complete overhaul (more positive tone, necessary updates)
  • Updated Advanced Lobby page
  • Changed sub messages from "on his way" to "on their way"
  • Flexibly allow additional lobbies to be created as more players are on the site


6 November

  • Replaced Forum link with Discord

11 August

  • Fixed Mumble Player Detection

14 July

  • Fixed creating lobbies with

6 June

  • Re-enabled donations

15 March

  • Added RGL configs

7 March

  • Updated ETF2L and UGC config and whitelist
  • Updated TF2C Team page

25 February

  • Added new maps to map list and updated map thumbnails


22 May

  • Advanced Lobby performance improvements

17 May

  • Added Advanced Lobby improvements


20 October

  • Lobby creation: auto-tick Mumble-required checkbox upon NA selection

13 August

  • Really fixed login problems (better Steam privacy settings detection)

4 August

  • Added some stability improvements
  • Improved offclassing autoreporter to not only apply a cooldown but also report the offender

16 July

  • Fixed login problems
  • Updated TF2C Team page
  • Optimized stuff under the hood

17 June

  • Fixed styling problems for 7-digit Lobby-no's
  • Removed TPR link from Player profile
  • added new UGC maps for next season
  • Improved stability and resilience under the hood


30 September

  • Fixed some problems with new AL players

29 August

  • Fixed several login bugs
  • Applied several performance/stability fixes

29 July

14 June

  • Fixed auto complete for ultiduo maps when creating a Lobby

3 June

6 April

  • Fixed Steam login problem (Valve broke Steam OpenID, but we fixed it anyway)

21 February

10 February

  • Check for VPN/Proxy usage upon login

7 February

  • Updated whitelists conform Leagues
  • Feedback when validating Steam Level on private profiles

2 January

  • More advanced VPN/proxy tracking


25 December

  • "EG", "TN", "MA", "DZ", "LY" are now also considered EU
  • Added more VPN detection services

11 December

  • Allow dm_ maps on 1v1
  • Record VPN info by IP

27 October

  • Updated AU 6v6 auto spawner map rotation

24 August

20 August

  • Required TF2 hours is now 500
  • Required Steam Level 3 in order to login
  • Require 25 Lobbies played in order to play Medic
  • Require 50 Lobbies played in order to create a Lobby

6 May

  • Implemented: auto unlock blocking reserved slots
  • Added AU server outdated scheck
  • Few improvements to the Auto Offclassing Reporter

27 April

  • List demo url after Lobby ended
  • Minor improvements under the hood
  • Small UI tweaks

18 April

18 March

13 February

6 January


2 December

  • Refactored cooldown system
  • Removed now obsolete "reliability" from UI and backend
  • Improved Player profile header
  • Updated league map thumbs/auto complete

11 November

2 November

  • Fixed cooldowns regarding subs
  • Detect outdated game server after Lobby is created

21 October

  • Added notifications upon cooldowns and bans
  • Show Lobby reconnect modal upon crash
  • Updated /about
  • Added suggestions to /adblock
  • Prepared casual Lobbies for balancing

9 September

  • Require adblock to be disabled
  • Do not display ads for guests

4 September

  • Fixed a bug where waiting for a sub would still cause a cooldown on Lobby end
  • General improvements under the hood

7 August

  • Adjusted cooldown levels
  • Adjusted cooldown penalty will not be applied if you wait for your sub replacement to join
  • Adjusted cooldown level where besides taking a sub, finishing 3 Lobbies will also reduce your cooldown level
  • Fixed an issue where premature server shutdown caused cooldown

23 July

  • Implemented AU 6v6 Casual Lobby spawner
  • Show cooldown level on Player profile for non-AL players

22 July

  • Implemented general cooldowns as punishment for players that leave a Lobby prematurely.
  • Fixed a bug where new Lobbies could not created due to wrong Lobby limits
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes a Player could not be reported (!rep UNKNOWN player)
  • Refactored chat posts to REST implementation (no more lost chats due to the page refreshing)

10 July

  • Fixed some small bugs
  • Tweaked AL balancer
  • Fixed some performance issues

2 July

8 June

  • Added new map thumbs
  • Updated /about

22 May

  • Fixed Player profile not updating

21 April

  • Implemented a new way of resolving geolocation
  • Only AU and NZ are considered "Australian"

13 April

1 April

  • Added new Game mode
  • Added April Fools Day stuff

24 March

  • !rep me
        added in-game chat but also from Lobby chat after launch
  • !rep our engi
        now also works for repping an engineer
  • Create Lobby: replaced password fields with normal fields
  • Fixed a bug where a transfered leader could not unlock slots
  • Updated /about

18 March

  • Play a sound when leaving slot by closing the Lobby Page
  • Fixed a bug where closing the Lobby Page would not clear the slot
  • Improved stuff under the hood

22 January

  • Fixed ready-up refresh bug
  • Added open Lobby limit based on Players online (per region, per game type)
  • Introduced "Account temporarily suspended"-ban

16 January

  • Updated ozfortress server configs
  • Unlocking a password slot on a Lobby with ALL restrictions will now result in a restricted slot
  • Unlocking ALL will now leave existing players

15 January

  • Updated default maps to latest league version
  • Fixed a bug where Mumble verification would not work
  • Fixed a bug Collector-achievements would not work
  • Updated /about
  • Added small improvements under the hood


27 December

  • Don't check sub requirements when the game has started or the sub is older than 1 minute
  • !rep can no longer be initiated by the enemy team
  • Updated Mumble download links

24 December

  • Fix redirect to /?9 on main page sometimes
  • Fix having multiple slots in different Lobbies
  • Added enhanced Zalgo checking on login

14 December

  • Disable 3-stages maps (goldrush, dustbowl, etc...)

11 December

  • Complete rework of Lobby state (stuff under the hood)
  • Prevent Players from the same Lobby to join as a sub
  • Fixed "Only Lobby players may enter this game"
  • Fixed delayed user feedback top right corner
  • Fixed Lobby download link

4 December

  • Fixed some bugs related to subs not able to join due to password changes
  • Auto reset sv_password on change
  • Show Lobby info on first line in chat

7 November

  • General stability improvements
  • Added more logging to analyze bug "Only Lobby players may enter this game"

31 October

  • Fixed detection of sv_password change on substitute
  • Added player audit logging
  • Improved stuff under the hood

24 October

  • Updated the Rules section
  • Fixed an issue in Chrome where non-active tabs could not play sounds, eg. ready-up sound
  • Fixed some issues with friends-online counter
  • Fixed some issues related to DDOS protection
  • Fixed some issues related to Lobbies not launching sometimes
  • Added game config to not allow picking up weapons
  • General stability improvements

11 October

  • Checking total played TF2 hours no longer depend on "recently played games" on Steam

5 October

  • Map updates
  • Updated duplicate Lobby check
  • Added a websocket failover redirect to https
  • Added a check where LOGIN banned players will be kicked from Mumble as well
  • Fixed a bug where some people could not login
  • Updated the About section

25 September

  • Complete rewrite of websocket framework (realtime updates)

14 July

  • Enabled ads

6 July

  • Temporarily disabled AL auto spawn

2 July

  • Added new websocket framework to update chat
  • Added DeutschLAN banner

29 June

  • Fixed AL cooldowns
  • Updated map rotation for AL spawner
  • Fixed pre-ready timer for AL
  • Israel is now considered EU
  • Fixed small things under the hood

24 June

  • Fixed AL balancer for 6v6
  • Added Lobby filter on AL
  • Added league stats for UGC
  • AL signups are now fully automated (if on white list)
  • Fixed CSS bugs in Substitute overview

22 June

20 June

  • Actual implementation of Advanced Lobbies
  • Twitch Stream advertisement in Lobby overview when online (teamfortresstv or blackoutgaming)
  • Small fixes

12 June

  • Map fixes after TF2 update
  • Fixed Lobby#id background

11 June

  • Advanced Lobbies announcement
  • Implemented new UGC API
  • Removed RQ from Player profile
  • Fixed restrictions displaying incorrectly on Lobby overview
  • Added verbose info when not able to login
  • Added map thumbnails for pl_abandoned_upward, badwater_pro and glassworks

22 May

  • Added tag to server config that removes idle timer
  • Security fix regarding bans

15 May

  • Added audio sound on Lobby close/kick/ban
  • Added info-bar about our Steam Group
  • Improved UI for Ban history on Player profile
  • Small fixes

1 May

  • Fix for "Lobby already exists"
  • Fix for non-lowercase map names
  • Small textual fixes
  • Stability improvements under the hood

30 March

  • Allow self-reporting within 1.5 minute
  • Fix for duplicated Lobbies
  • Only allow regular map types: pl, koth, cp and ctf
  • Check for bans on leader transfer
  • Updated representation of Lobby links in chat
  • Filter Lobby links according to Lobby filter
  • Only allow one Lobby link per minute (spam)
  • Added TF2 Player Rankings to Player profile
  • Set sv_downloadurl to for default maps
  • Fixed a problem regarding non-ascii player names and rcon
  • Improved UIX related to Mumble verification
  • Added MSIE to browser check
  • Improved general stability
  • Applied some major performance fixes to DB server

16 March

  • Migrated to new infrastructure

11 February

  • Introduced an alternative way of IP matching in Mumble
  • Fixed a bug which causes "Lobby already exists" sometimes
  • Fixed some issues regarding LOGIN-banned players
  • Small UI fixes

9 February

  • Fixed a region lookup when logging in
  • Fixed a bug where unverified players could enter Mumble-required Lobbies
  • Fixed a situation where no subs could join when the server is full
  • Cleaned up stuff under the hood
  • Updated the About page

4 February

  • Performance fix regarding Steam friends

2 February

  • Fixed a bug where Mumbility was not detected
  • Async implementation of some processes
  • Awesome stuff under the hood

24 January

  • Implemented async Steam login to speed up things
  • Fixed a few small bugs
  • General stability improvements

3 January

  • Fixed some UI bugs
  • Added "koth_viaduct_pro5" as default map
  • Fixed a bug where after launch all players were friends
  • Fixed a bug where a Donator expiry was shown in Player profile
  • Fixed a bug where unverified PayPal donators were not getting perks
  • Fixed some Achievement bugs (Angelic Karma and Flawless MMM): only apply after 2015-01-01
  • Cleared some stuff up about recurring donations on Donations page

1 January

  • Added Landing Page as home/help page
  • Added Donations
  • Added Achievements
  • Wiped Reliability/Mumbility for everyone!


27 December

  • Fixed a bug where being substituted would lead to a Mumbility hit
  • Small UI improvements

22 December

  • Added Notification System
  • Added Adblock-detection; more details here
  • Small UI improvements

14 December

  • Added new map thumbs
  • Fix for Mumble detection + dynamic IP changes

8 December

  • Fixed a bug where the Mumble connect button would not work properly

7 December

  • Added Lobby region locking
  • Create Lobby: updated auto complete list to only show "default" maps
  • Fixed a bug where a closed Lobby would still appear on the LobbyOverview

6 December

  • Fixed duplicate substitute bug
  • Fixed a bug where chat times were 1h late (non-DST)
  • Fixed a bug where complicated names would mess up in Mumble
  • Fixed some problems surrounding RQ counting
  • Fixed a security corner case regarding login
  • Added a confirm dialog before taking a sub slot
  • Added a special marker in the Lobby overview representing reserved slots
  • Added a select-all on header for reserved slots in Create Lobby / Advanced
  • General stability fixes under the hood

27 November

  • Only apply Mumble cooldowns for Highlander, 6v6 and 4v4
  • Lobby info added to Mumble cooldown description

15 November

  • Fixed issues where Mumble cooldowns not applied properly. Read more.
  • Reset all Mumble cooldowns

13 November

  • Fixed a bug where Mumble cooldowns were (also) matched on IP. Still having problems? Report here.

9 November

  • Mumble punishments enabled - see the forum post for more information
  • Small performance improvements

26 October

  • Added mumble verification
  • Added mumble cooldown calculations - see the forum post for more information
  • Switched to a different OpenID library for sign in through steam

1 October

  • Updated rules
  • Added a ban category - banned from joining mumble-required lobbies

22 September

  • Added server tags (Lobby header)
  • Blocked some RU servers due to bad ping
  • Switched to latest ETF2L API url
  • Modified chat message when player is banned from lobby
  • Show kick/ban/leadership messages in chat as link to player profile
  • Do not show websocket debug in browser console
  • Detection of Steam Overlay Browser + display unsupported browser

16 August

  • Fixed some bugs regarding Mumble connection status
  • Manual report threshold is now 90 seconds (was 60)
  • Lobby leader name now leads to profile
  • Add system msg in chat if a Player is kicked or banned
  • Fixed an issue causing a Lobby not to launch sometimes

9 August

  • Really fixed a bug where new players could not register
  • Fixed a bug where !rep failed using capitals
  • Implemented zalgo blocking
  • Show ban info in profile
  • Extended timeout (45 sec) for changing maps
  • Extended country list per region
  • Extended moderator tools
  • General improvements under the hood

8 August

  • Added Mumble connection status
  • Fixed a bug where new players could not register
  • System messages in chat will be shown using admin colors
  • General stability improvements

11 July

  • Added HTTPS (SSL) support
  • Added support for
  • After Lobby redirect to
  • Improved technical architecture
  • Improved stuff under the hood to prepare for live release

27 June

  • Fixed a bug regarding reporting oneself
  • Fixed a bug where sub requests in overview only displayed 6v6
  • Fixed a bug where sub requests in overview were not limited
  • Small performance improvements

25 June

  • Altered reliability calculations. Reliability is now calculated based on the last 10 games played. This calculation is subject to change!
  • Add a confirmation window when transferring lobby leadership
  • Began altering how some events are sent to the web page, to allow custom scripts to more easily listen for events

12 June

  • Fixed displaying wrong team while manual reporting

3 June

  • Fixed problems with manual reporting
  • Fixed a problem where sv_logsecret caused logs not to upload to
  • Improved general stability

1 June

  • Altered manual voting to use "our"/"their" rather than [team] - eg. !rep our demo
  • Implemented a fix to prevent premature voting (only works after 1 min)
  • Fixed a bug where 2v2 Lobby would require 4 votes
  • Voting now displays the targeted player name
  • Modified the way the lobby overview page is rendered, for significant server performance improvements
  • Fixed the URL when joining slots directly from the lobby overview page
  • Fixed a bug that could cause slots to not update on the lobby overview page
  • Fixed links in chat from being hidden until page refresh
  • Fixed an XSS vulnerability in chat

24 May

  • Improved detection of lobby closure, which should lead to less incorrectly reported ragequits
  • Lobby overview slot restrictions should now render correctly for users
  • Huge chat and lobby overview performance improvements
  • Fixed a bug causing the server connection details to not update correctly on lobby launch
  • Internal performance monitoring tweaks, letting us pull out useful stats

1 May

  • Store filter settings in cookie, so they are saved between sessions
  • TF2Center lobby links replaced with a nicer text

22 April

  • Add mumble-required option to filter, and icon on lobby page
  • Rebranded Oceania to Australia
  • Initial work for clustering of servers

30 March

  • Added support for ultiduo and bball game modes
  • Removed the modal window, prompting user to join server on mumble-required lobbies. This broke the connection status functionality.
  • Fixed bugs surrounding the 'Lobby Already Exists' errors
  • Added more user feedback when creating lobby, and remote nesting of modal windows
  • Improvements to ban system, so users can be banned from parts of the site rather than a global ban, plus automatic ban timeouts.
  • Added some protection against malicious server admins changing certain server cvars (sv_cheat, sv_gravity, random kritz, etc)
  • Added Lobby ID in page title
  • Update server password before sub joins server, to prevent Bad Password errors
  • Updated misc pages design
  • Added pages 'About' and 'Rules'
  • Moved feedback / help buttons to near chat
  • Add mumble required to lobby header

9 March

  • Implemented filter on/off switch
  • Implemented sorting Lobbies
  • Implemented progress indicator on Lobby create
  • Possible fix for CPU leak

28 February

  • Implemented banning a player from a specific Lobby
  • Implemented setting up a download url on server init referring TF2C
  • Updated FAQ
  • Lobby status "Almost ready" is now visible in overview
  • Implemented a process to verify a total of 100h TF2 played
  • Display server info as connect string
  • Several UI/style improvements

16 February

  • Implemented validation of server version before lobby creation
  • Implemented colored admin tags
  • Blocking of illegal admin tags
  • Implemented a process to verify a total of 300h TF2 played
  • Fixed a bug where Lobbies get duplicated sometimes
  • Only Lobby players may join the game
  • Fixed memory leaks, causing the application to crash over time

23 January

  • Fixed problems reporting scout on 6v6
  • Implemented class shortnames for manual reporting
  • Fixed message "Broken pipe" when creating a Lobby
  • Fixed refreshing problem after 15 minutes
  • Fixed class prefixes in Mumble

18 January

  • Added 4v4 support
  • Auto launch Mumble on required Lobbies
  • Notification when joining a Lobby with a different location
  • Indicate that a profile is private
  • Subs will auto join Lobby
  • Fixed some internal stuff to make it run more stable over time


21 December

  • Added this changelog!
  • Added manual reporting of subs, via !report using in-game chat. See !tf2center from in-game chat for more information
  • If a player reconnects to a server after a sub request has been made for them, sub request is now removed
  • Stopped substitutes rejoining their own slot if they've been kicked
  • Added ability to pre-ready-up (players can mark themselves as ready before a lobby is full, but this expires after a few minutes)
  • Added pre-launch info panel to allow users to connect to mumble before the lobby gets launched
  • Styled the re-initialise server button
  • Added a modal popup on lobby launch / server re-initialisation
  • Added tips-of-the-day
  • Chat messages when lobby changes state (Open, Ready, Launch, etc)
  • Joining/creating lobbies creates them in the same window, rather than new window/tab
  • Add option to specify mumble is required on lobbies. There is no punishment for not joining currently, but sets expectations for players.
  • Improvements to lobby count and reliability calculations - still not perfect though
  • Separate EU/NA players online, and add Friends online counter
  • Re-play the ready-up soundbite half way through the timer