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TF2Center Advanced Lobbies
  • TL;DR

  • How was the idea born?

  • A semi-closed beta?

    • Can I offclass?
    • I don't meet the requirements...

Advanced Lobbies are back!


  • Higher-level, mumble-required lobbies for 6v6/HL game modes
  • Team scrambling always enabled (in the future: balancing based on Advanced Lobby Credit, stats and competitive experience)
  • Stronger moderation of games
  • Entry requirements - either some competitive experience
  • Admission at the discretion of the TF2C staff

How was the idea born?

Over the last few years we have noticed that there is a difference in expectations from players. While some players find a Lobby relaxing to try new things out or simply mess around, its is not the intention of the website. Many want to improve their game by playing and give it their 100%. We put out a survey to try and gather the opinions of our users, and we would like to thank the ~4000 users that responded. Of note:

  • 84% claim to play seriously, with only 3% not playing seriously at all
  • 85% would join mumble required lobbies, with ~50% of those preferring them
  • Almost everyone is willing to play with new players in some way, but 38% would prefer to play with more experienced players

With all this in mind, we want to address the following issues in order to improve game play:

  • Prevent stacked games (3-0 / 5-0 rolls)
  • Prevent rage quits, and punish those that do
  • Raise the skill floor of the players

These things combined lead to the concept of Advanced Lobbies as described above. We at TF2Center want to provide an environment where players can improve individually, improve their team play and have fun at the same time. We want to do away with the "it's just a Lobby" mentality. Let's hope it also transfers to normal lobbies.

An invite-only lobby type? Ooh, can I play?

The minimum requirements for Advanced Lobbies are listed below. Players must meet at least one of the skill requirements:

  • Has played in ETF2L
  • Has played in UGC
  • Has played in RGL
  • A lot of lobbies and exemplary behavior on TF2Center (bans will be taken into account)

If you meet these requirements, apply on our Discord (sign into Steam first, then go there) or ask in main chat while an Advanced Lobby is up.

Great, I'm in! Can I play classes other than my main?

If you feel comfortable with that class and know its role in a 6v6 / HL setting well, yes. We care more about you giving your best, taking part in comms and listening to your team's requests.

I don't meet the requirements, but I'm good?! Can I play?

You may manually apply on our Discord (sign into Steam first, then go there) and make your case.