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TF2Center team

Who are these crazy guys?

The concept of TF2Center was born mid-late 2012, and the members of the team have put their free time towards the project since.

Staff team


Owner, Site Maintenance, Backend, Staff Management

Hi, I'm Jesse, and I am TF2Center's new owner. We're working on bringing you a better experience on the site. We have a team of Moderators you can count on if you have any questions!

Moderator team


Senior Community Moderator, Anti-Cheat

Hi everyone, Warpy here! I've been playing TF2 since 2007, and after playing ESEA Invite, I have helped many new players get into competitive TF2. I have been part of TF2Center since 2016, so feel free to reach out if you need our help with anything on the site.


Senior Community Moderator

Hi all! Many of you know me already, as I have been playing here since the very beginning. You can find me around most of the day, and especially in the EU evenings playing Mumble-required (Advanced!) Lobbies.


Community Moderator

Hello everyone! I'm a professional TF2 idler from Europe, former Trainer Main and Highlander connoisseur. I'm very happy that I became a small part of TF2C's history when I put Jesse in touch with MasterNoob shortly before the site would have been closed otherwise. I mostly play in the evenings, and you can best catch me in these lobbies.


Community Moderator

Hey gang, this is Pittsburgh, but you can call me Pitts for short. My lobby count might be impressive, but I promise I'm still bad at the game. If you need help with anything shoot me a friend request, and I'll be happy to assist!


Junior Community Moderator

Hi I'm Fac, I've been around since the inception of center and before as a player, I have a keen connection with the community by virtue of being a dinosaur in the game. I'm easy to contact and willing to help where I can.

EUMaxi Opossum

Junior Community Moderator

Hi team, Maxi here. I am the newest to TF2Center from the whole staff, but it feels like I've spent my whole life here anyway. Between playing lobbies, I can help you with anything regarding TF2C, so just hit me up on Steam!


Junior Anti-Cheat

Hey guys! I'm Speedy, I'm a top Invite player in RGL and will be lending a hand on the Anti-Cheat department.

Special thanks


Founder, original Developer, former Owner

As MasterNoob has said, TF2Center started as a small side project has evolved into something beyond his wildest dreams. As the main coder, he has written most of TF2Center's backend logic. MasterNoob is incredibly proud of what TF2center has become: a platform for competitive TF2 for over 180k players! Thank you for all the work and effort you put into this beloved website. Best wishes from all the TF2Center team, MN!

PLsupra and PLmaly


While supra and maly are not part of our staff, they have played an important role with the ownership transfer, giving advice on several aspects and lending us a hand with the new Discord server setup. Your help is appreciated, guys!

RUMother Tereza

Former Design, Frontend Wizard

If you like TF2Center, it's probably because of the elegant design and layout. This is the guy who made that all possible... But not just that, very little people know that in the very beginning he also helped setting up the project using his skills as (former) professional Project Manager and Graphic Designer. MT, we couldn't have done it without you and we're sad to see you taking on other priorities today. Thanks for all of your very very hard work, my friend! - MN


Former devops, infrastructure, community

Foxy has been around from pretty much the early start. He's pretty much all-round: played prem., is a professional dev, helped setting up infrastructure and especially monitoring. On top of that he has been solid on PR for us. He has been an incredible asset to the team and a personal friend as well. - MN


Former main sponsor, forum management, infrastructure

Jayserp has also been around from the early beginnings. He has a lot of professional experience managing infrastructure and forums. He was also kind enough to let us use his servers during 2014. A true asset to the team; thanks for everything Jay! -MN


SFM modeling

His work decorates the site header. 9 classes, 9 various characters, 9 unique poses and tons of the sketches thrown into trash can. If you need something done in SFM, now you know whom to ask. Good job, Zoot.


Former staff team

We're grateful for his efforts towards this project and sad to see him leave ;-(


Former Community Moderator

One of the oldest players I know around here; I'm sure I speak on behalf of the TF2C staff when I say we will miss your fatherly advice and warm chatter ;-) Thanks for the many hours your put into this project, Moocow! - MN


Former Community Moderator

nrd. has not only been a huge asset to the AU community, but also to the entire TF2C community. His energy was always remarkable, whether making a hilarious YouTube clip, managing (community) support, working bans or doing PR. He is the only (AU) staff member I know that would regularly get out of bed at 8 AM to attend a staff meeting ;-) nrd. thanks for everything! - MN